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Our Business

Business Descriptions/Business Segments

The Group consists of two main businesses: "Testing/Verification & Evaluation Business" that carries out defect detection (debugging) in support of improvement in product quality of software and hardware and "Internet Supporting Business" that detects any frauds as well as illegal or harmful information presented in a variety of content to support the healthy development of the Internet.

Testing/Verification & Evaluation Business

Pole To Win Co., Ltd. (PTW) was founded in 1994 as Japan's first testing outsourcee. Since that time, PTW has accumulated unique know-how from its involvement in 6,000 or more computer game titles. PTW is now supporting the improvement in quality and streamlining of development process of the software and hardware used in, for example, games and digital home appliances.

Recently, consumer electronic game makers, smart phone application/game makers and social game platformers have picked up the pace of their global development.
PTW has been developing local services in North America since 2009. PTW is now making headway in its global expansion into the North American, European, and Asian markets by opening branches and acquiring overseas companies. PTW will further expand its worldwide business in the years to come.

(1) Testing Services

PTW tunes games to make them more interesting by detecting defects and adjusting the balance of difficulty level in consumer electronic games, social games, mobile phone content, smart phone and tablet PC content, PC software, as well as in pachinko and arcade slot machines.

(2) Verification & Evaluation Services

PTW detects defects in and test the operation of, for example, digital home appliances, mobile phones, and automotive embedded devices that are under development, and support the improvement in product quality of client companies.

(3) Translation Services

PTW offers a range of translation services, including translations of the in-game texts of game software designed for overseas markets, instruction manuals, websites, game proposals, and specification documents.
Familiar with the worlds interpreted by the games and the individuality of the characters, its translators maximize a game's appeal.

Internet Supporting Business

PITCREW CO., LTD. (PITCREW) was founded as a Japanese first-ever company in 2000 that provides Internet supporting services. Since then, as a leading company, PITCREW provides its services for monitoring postings, reviewing Internet advertising, handling the illegal use of e-commerce, investigating the rights infringement and the website of insurance agencies to offer and develop solution services surrounding the Internet environment.

Related to the Internet usage problems among the young, PITCREW receives orders from 30 local governments (board of education) and undertakes from some administrative agencies, providing patrolling various websites/school underground website services for more than 10,000 schools to extend its monitoring know-how.

These days, combining monitoring method, conducted by system/human input, PITCREW provides accurate and efficient monitoring services to detect and remove illegal information/use for end users to make safe and reliable Internet access.

(1) Internet Monitoring Services

PITCREW monitors texts, images, and videos posted on Internet message boards, blogs, and SNS, etc.
PITCREW also offers its Web investigation and server monitoring services that investigate and report on, for example, the detection of illegal access and ID use as well as advertising reviews and copyright violations.

(2) Customer Support Services

PITCREW responds to telephone and e-mail inquiries from users of Internet contents including game software, shopping sites, social games.

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